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How To Wear White Maternity Jeans

Photographer Monica Shulman, author of the blog Ciao! Chessa, shows 4 cute ways to rock white jeans while pregnant.

Monica Shulman is a photographer and writes Ciao, Chessa! – a photography and lifestyle blog. She lives in New York City with her husband and toddler daughter.

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[Black and white striped tank: Motherhood Maternity//Jacket: Rachel Rachel Roy//Bag: Rebecca Minkoff//Sandals: Dolce Vita//Bangle bracelets: custom// "Bow" bracelet: vintage Lanvin//Necklace: from a shop in Italy]

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[Top: Free People (not maternity)//Bag: Maya Handmade from a boutique in Bridgehampton, NY//Heels: Manolo Blahnik//All jewelery: mix of vintage and custom]

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[Blazer: Zara//Top: Asos Maternity//Bag: Luana//Shoes: Biviel//Earrings: Jennifer Miller//Stone Bracelet: Appartement a Louer Paris//Other bracelets: mix of custom and vintage//Necklace: Custom]

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How To Wear White Maternity Jeans

[Jacket: Zara//Top: Debbie O. Maternity//Shoes: Dolce Vita//Bag: Banana Republic//Animal print bangle: C. Wonder//Bracelets: mix of vintage and custom//Earrings: from a small shop in Southampton, NY]

If I had to choose a summer uniform it would absolutely involve white jeans.

White anything actually. After having my first child in the summer I knew that with this baby (coming next month!) I would miss the breezy white dresses, linen pants, comfy white tees, and white denim of non-pregnant summers but this time I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found the perfect pair of white maternity jeans. I don't feel as light and airy in them as I do when I'm not carrying a watermelon around in my belly but at least I don't have to sacrifice style or my favorite looks.

With my first pregnancy I contemplated buying an insanely expensive pair of blue jeans. Yes they were cute, comfortable and on trend, but the price tag was crazy considering I'd be wearing them for a short period of time. In the end my mother and sister talked me out of it and I'm glad they did because at the rate I was growing and gaining weight I wouldn't have gotten as much use out of them as I thought. Instead my sister, who was also pregnant at the time and much preferred the feel of maxi dresses to any pants whatsoever, gave me a pair of Loved by Heidi Klum stretchy jeans. I wore them so much and they were so comfortable that I saved them in case I ever had a baby again. The second time around I've been wearing them and added a second pair too but I was so excited (like winning the lottery excited) when I found out that they come in white too. It's the little things and at less than 50 bucks at Motherhood Maternity you can't go wrong.

With both my pregnancies I adopted the same philosophy that I always's about the accessories and not just the clothes. If (that's a HUGE if) I can get away with it I wear some of my non-maternity clothes and then just pile on accessories to finish an outfit and to make me feel more like myself. Here's how I wore my white Heidi Klum maternity jeans for a few nights out with my husband and friends. Plus my hair has been up a lot lately because it's been so hot out.

What do you think? Would you wear white jeans while pregnant? I'll admit the thought worried me a bit but I love them.