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Developing your personal style after becoming a mom can be a challenge. There's changes to your body and lifestyle, endless new fads and trends, and of course, the lack of time to devote to oneself. That's why we're always on the lookout for the latest trends, deals and steals, and ways to make moms' lives easier.

Just My Style is a free new mobile app for Apple and Android devices that helps users sort their way through the fashion world with a swipe of the finger. You might think you’re just browsing online for new clothes but by rating items within the app, you’re really teaching the app about your style. This allows it to suggest more clothing you will love. You basically build a curated wardrobe by giving the thumbs up or thumbs down on individual items and watch your dream wardrobe grow.


If you find a must-have item, you can create a custom list to save it or click through to buy it, right on the spot. You can also organize your favorite pieces into personal lists. A "Buy Now" link routes you directly to an item on a retailer’s website. 

The Just My Style is app is easy to download and super user-friendly. Definitely worth a try for the shopping adverse Glamamom that prefers to try on clothes and accessories in the privacy of her own home.

Have you tried it? Thoughts?