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Expand the Life (& Waistline) of Your Jeans with Kevel Zipper Solutions


The Kevel Fly Tie was inspired years ago by a fairly common problem: How to preserve a favorite pair of jeans. Rachel Kearl, Kevel’s founder, began working on a fix for the faulty fly. She ran through a number of development cycles until a modified hair tie qualified as the first prototype. Two years and ten prototypes later, the reliable, durable, discrete Kevel Fly Tie was created. Kevel has since grown into a family of products to solve any and all zipper issues.

Kevel Fly Ties, Perfect Fit, and Mommy are a range of small, discrete devices that secure the zipper of your jeans, pants, and skirts in the up-and-closed position. Perfect for Christmas stocking stuffers, gag gifts after a Thanksgiving feast, or just plain practicality, Kevel outdoes every denim fix-it hack.

Kevel introduces three different options to combat common ways our clothes let us down. The Kevel Fly Tie fits securely over pants’ buttons and loops into the zipper to keep it where it belongs—closed! Whether battling slipping zippers on low-rise jeans or dealing with a zip that has simply lost its staying power, the Kevel Fly Tie has got your problem solved. The Perfect Fit is the ultimate solution to an uncomfortable fashion problem—tight pants. With Kevel Perfect Fit, snug waistbands are let out while zippers are securely held up. Finally, there’s Kevel Mommy, a great tool for those pre- and post-pregnancy body changes. The Kevel Mommy helps make the transition easier, keeping you in your jeans longer, by securing your zipper and expanding your waistline.

“These products were created out of necessity and represent simple and clever life solutions,” says Kearl. “This revolutionary product contributes to a happy Earth and happy you!”

Genius, right? We're adding these to our list of must-have fashion accessories!

Photo where Kevel is also sold.