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For Eyes

Desperately in need of an eye exam and donning a pair of reading glasses that look more like opera glasses (an arm torn off and a huge gash in one of the lenses, courtesy of my little darling), I was all over the LensCrafters' Semi-Annual Lens Event last week.

Just in time for my trip out to California for CAbi Scoop, I popped in for a visit with a friendly and knowledgeable female optometrist (Penn grad too...I swear, we're everywhere), who did a thorough eye exam and helped me re-evaluate my contact lenses. Sitting in front of the computer all day for years, I've noticed significant changes in my vision and even while wearing contacts never feel that I can see as well as I'd like. Turns out I should be using drops to lubricate my eyes and contacts with a greater diameter for a roomier fit. Thank you LensCrafters!

After the exam, I got to pick out a new pair of eye glasses with assistance from the LensCrafters' team. First I perused the displays of brands like Chanel, Prada, Tiffany, Tory Burch, Burberry, and RayBan to pick a dozen or so that I thought might look good. Then the real fun began.

LensCrafters' AccuFit digital camera software photographed me with all the glasses, then put them side-by-side so I could see how they looked straight-on, as well as profile, relative to one another. It gave me a completely different perspective than just looking in the mirror. They also use the AccuFit digital measurement system to ensure that the lenses fit my face precisely (with results five times more accurate than traditional manual measurements).

I'm so happy with my new Chanel frames and have even been wearing them out and about!

What is the Semi-Annual Lens Event?  Until September 12th consumers who buy a complete pair of glasses (meaning optical or sunglasses made with prescription lenses) get 50% off the price of their lenses.

What is the AccuFit difference? LensCrafters stores across the U.S. are equipped with AccuFit – the brand’s digital measurement system that is gives a 5 times more accurate pupil measurement.

Who is this event for? Everyone! Soon the seasons will be changing, which is a great time for a new look. Also, before kids go back to school it is a great time to get their eyes checked.

{I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of LensCrafters and received a complimentary consultation and pair of glasses to facilitate my review.}