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Loft Cares

It's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I'm incredibly honored to be participating in a blogger collaboration with LOFT Cares and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I spent the weekend with a dear friend that was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, in the third trimester of her second pregnancy. She noticed lumps in both breasts and although her doctor told her it was probably nothing, she thankfully consulted a specialist. While one side was benign, the other was unfortunately not. Her beautiful daughter was born perfectly healthy and she immediately began treatment and is now awaiting the prognosis. I'm astounded by her courage and stamina and am spreading awareness in her honor and all the families afflicted by the disease.

As the circle of cancer gets smaller and smaller, it touches us all. The entire month of October is filled with simple and fun opportunities to contribute to breast cancer research while shopping our favorite brands.

ANN INC., LOFT's parent company, has committed to donating $2.7 million to BCRF! You can help by purchasing any of the following:

A $25 LOFT Cares Card entitles you to a 20% discount every time you shop through November 15th, while 90% of the card's purchase price will be donated to BCRF.

LOFT Cares Card
LOFT Cares Limited-Edition Bracelets

There are 3 LOFT limited-edition bracelets (one designed by blogger Jessica Quirk of "What I Wore") for $34.50 each, $5 of which goes directly to BCRF.

LOFT Cares T-Shirts

And lastly, LOFT asked its store associates from across the country to nominate women in their lives who would be willing to share their inspirational stories and designed a trio of t-shirts around the words “strength” “support” and “inspiration” to honor Donna, Cathy, and Emily. $5 from the sale of each t-shirt will also go to support BCRF.

Nicole from Momtrends and I are joined by 24 other fashion bloggers to raise awareness about this campaign by showing how we styled these amazing pieces. I'll be featured on Facebook and on October 28th so check it out and please help spread the word!

For more information visit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation tab on LOFT's Facebook page.

Jill Seiman LOFT Cares Blogger Collaboration 2011

{Loft Cares "SUPPORT" Tee}

{Disclosure: I received a complimentary T-shirt, bracelet and gift card for participating in this campaign. All opinions expressed herein are my own. Thanks Valen for the photo!}