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Mark & James

Last week was a stylish one, filled with fab fashion-related events. From a private preview of A Pea in the Pod's Fall 2011 Collection at the Waldorf, to debut parties for Lucky Kids, Stella McCartney Kids, and Fendi's Children's Wear line, I have a long wish-list of the latest designer duds!

It all started with what was supposed to be a quick trip to Long Island to see two of my all-time favorite red carpet designers, Mark Badgley and James Mischka.

When Yakini from Style Me Prissy and The Prissy Mommy Chronicles alerted me that they were appearing at Nordstrom, Roosevelt Field Mall with their Mark & James Spring/Summer 2011 line of footwear, I decided come hell or high water, I would get out to see them.

I evaded high water but wasn't as fortunate with the hell part.

First, I was pulled over at a random State Trooper checkpoint just outside the mall's parking lot and issued a ticket for an expired inspection. Then, not 10 minutes later, still flustered from the ticket and late, I smacked my side view mirror into another car's just steps from the entrance to Nordstrom. Yep, it was that kind of day.

I could have retreated back to the city but at that point, what more could happen? So I wiped away my tears (oh yes, there was a runny, Lauren Conrad, mascara cry) and in true Glamamom fashion strutted in and up to the men of the hour.

Mark Badgely, Jill Seiman, James Mischka

Don't we make the cutest black blazer/white shirt sandwich?

Mark and James could not have been cooler or more worth the effort. I would have forgiven them had they been the least bit uptight about autographing duster bags in a suburban mall but they were genuinely warm and friendly. Their PR guy is my neighbor and when I mentioned it to Mark he whipped out his phone and called him so we could all share a laugh.

Mark Badgely & James Mischka Nordstrom Roosevelt Field

They took the time to answer my countless questions about celebrities (Mark likes working with Beyonce. She's just so warm and fun!) and their all-time favorite red carpet moments (Mark's is the beaded, cream and lace Oscar gown worn by Winona Ryder in 1996 and James' is the lavender, cowl neck gown worn by Halle Berry in 2001.)

They also remembered this teal Badgley Mischka I wore to a wedding last spring and showed me their favorites from the casual, affordable, but equally stylish, Mark & James Spring/Summer 2011 footwear line:


Maiko, Mark & James Spring/Summer 2011


Makayla Sandal Mark & James Spring/Summer 2011


Suede Platform Sandal Mark & James Spring/Summer 2011


Marissa, Mark & James Spring/Summer 2011

It was well worth the effort and yet another reason to be excited about the impending warm weather.

Anything for fashion, right?