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Seraphine Maternity Striped Indigo Nursing Sweater
Stella & Dot Renegade Cluster & lia sophia nouvelle
Seraphine Indigo Striped Maternity & Nursing Sweater

Here again I find myself hosting #MondayMingle after another terrible tragedy. I hope you find some joy and distraction from this week's posts.

I've remarked before how limiting I find dressing while nursing. Especially as it's getting colder and I need more layers/heavier tops to keep warm. I'm thrilled to discover Seraphine Maternity's line of nursing tops and sweaters. All of the pieces provide easy access in a discreet but fashionable way.

I'm wearing the Indigo Striped Nursing Sweater that has snap fastenings on both sides that are easy to pull open to nurse. The design is roomy and slouchy and covers my hips and butt so I can wear it with leggings for comfy days like yesterday when we just bummed around and decorated our Christmas tree. But it's certainly cute enough to dress up as well. Leo took a bunch of pics of us nursing and they're so beautiful but I think it's enough that I post beauty and fashion shots of myself here! You'll just have to trust me that's it a perfectly functional garment as well, wink.