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Fully Baked

Glamamom Maternity Style
Jill Seiman, Maternity Style

Well, baby boy and I made it! He's full term now but this is when the real waiting begins, right?

Bubba of course came on his own terms and from what my OB tells me, second babies follow a similar course so I likely have a few weeks left of suffering. Unless I follow the advice, "start having lots of sex." Um...

I hate to complain because I'm grateful to be having a relatively healthy pregnancy but I've been terribly uncomfortable for some time now. The cold I came down with during BlogHer is lingering and I haven't slept well in months. The one thing in my favor is that despite the heat, I don't have much swelling, which was a big issue during my first pregnancy. Oh, and my nose didn't grow 2 sizes so really I should just shut up and kiss the mirror.

I don't have a contingency plan for the blog so you'll have to bear with me. I obviously have no idea how I'll feel after delivery. With Bubba, I had major surges of adrenaline for weeks and felt deliriously happy but I wasn't much into sharing. My main priority was getting comfortable nursing. As a result, we received more than a few complaints and surprise reactions that we weren't posting updates to Facebook and inviting people over but I was adamant about alone-time, which I stand by.

This time around, my biggest concern is how my sweet Bubba will react to the new baby. He's already dealing with so much between a new sitter, potty training, and starting preschool. He appears to be excited about the idea of becoming a big brother but I know he doesn't fully understand. I gather he's under the impression he's getting a playmate like himself, not a helpless infant. If his jealously towards the dog is any indication, this is going to rock his world. I know the gift of a sibling is a wonderfully amazing thing, we're just in such a good place right now I'm worried about the adjustment...for all of us.

Other than that, I need to make my final "to-do" list. I don't have much to buy but of course now I feel like this little guy deserves to have some shiny new stuff of his own so I have a short list. There are also some apartment projects I want completed before my focus changes.

Stokke Baby hooked us up with some luxe gear to review, including the drool-worthy Xplory, that Bubba will be helping me test-drive and debut on the blog later this week so stay tuned...

Have a glamorous week!