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It's Geometric

Jill Seiman, Glamamom
Old Navy Denim Vest
Geometric Print Jeans
Jill Seiman, Glamamom

Sebastian attended camp in the Village this summer which gave me the opportunity to explore its twists and turns more intimately. It's such an incredible neighborhood to get lost in with the history, cafes, boutiques, private streets, and gorgeous townhouses. I've even bumped into some familiar faces like Chris Rock, Jennifer Aniston, the Property Brothers, Georgina Chapman, and A Cup of Jo, all before ten o'clock!

I know I haven't done a real outfit post in ages. Quite frankly, it's been such a hot and busy summer that I've been completely unmotivated to document what I'm wearing, which is typically shorts and a T-shirt so I can comfortably drop S off at school, walk home, and sit down to write. I'm still getting used to my posting schedule with Babble and this blog is suffering a bit because of it. You can't imagine how much time I spend on those slideshows! It's a great challenge for me which is what I like about it but I want blogging to remain a fun hobby, not a full time job, so I don't push it. I've also been making an effort to avoid being on the computer or on my phone when I'm with my kids.

Other than that, summer is flying by like it tends to do. We're excited to be packing up and heading east this week to meet up with friends and family for vacation. Some major changes are coming and I'm looking forward to enjoying the last few drops of summer before the chaos of back to school. How has your summer been?

Have a glamorous week!