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Sushi & Sequins

Zara Sequin Blazer & Liverpool Jeans Company

[jeans : c/o liverpool jeans company | blazer: zara (old) | bag: louis vuitton]

Okay, so it's Wednesday. But with Christmas, today feels like the start of the week and "Mode Wednesday" just doesn't have the same ring to it...

I know these photos are dark but it's the best I could do this week. Huz is on vacay so we've been hitting the town regularly which has been a blast. Before the Christmas madness we snuck away and had dinner at Morimoto just the two of us.

That's last year's Zara sequin blazer that I never find an excuse to wear so I figured if I can't wear it during the holidays, I never will. Leo said I look like Michael Jackson and only need a white glove to complete the look. I felt fun and festive though.

The jeans are new from Liverpool Jeans Company. They sent me me a straight leg pair and the ones shown, boot cut. Miraculously they both fit like a {white} glove. I love the dark washes and find them comfortable and flattering. They'll definitely be added to regular rotation so I promise to feature them again in better lighting.

Hope you had a glamorous Christmas and enjoy the rest of the week.