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Najla | Timeless Lingerie. Ethically Made

Pre-order Najla's timeless lingerie pieces (locally made with sustainable materials) to get the brand up and running again.
Najla Lingerie

Are you guys familiar with Kickstarter? It's a online funding platform for entrepreneurs to raise money for creative projects without having to give up a piece of the company to its backers. Regular folks like you and me can get involved in projects that tickle our fancy to help get them off the ground in return for some type of reward, usually tied to the finished product.

I've been getting a lot of introductions to new projects lately but these gorgeous photos of Najla Lingerie really jumped out at me.

The brand was founded nearly a century ago by Lebanese-born Najla Trabulsi Grupe as a custom lingerie shop on Livingston Street in downtown Brooklyn but is now being revitalized by her great-great-niece, Emma Bowen.

What's great about the concept behind Najla, other than the basic, timeless designs of the undergarments, is that the brand uses local manufacturers in NYC, uses sustainable materials, and champions transparency at all stages of the production process.

Najla Lingerie Basics

I've been thinking a lot about "fast fashion" lately and am happy to see affordable alternatives popping up regularly. Najla's business model is similar to Dobbin Clothing, featured last month-- it works closely with a network of producers and suppliers and sells directly from its online shop, eliminating unnecessary overhead and offering a superior product at a fair price.

You can pre-order some of Najla's pieces through its Kickstarter campaign, which will help get the brand up and running again. These are the businesses fashion needs more of!

For details, visit Najla's Kickstarter page here.

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