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Office Gifts that Aren't Plants

office gift ideas

Oh, gee, a plant? You shouldn’t have. No, you really shouldn’t have. A plant can be great housewarming gifts but, unless it’s an amazing Venus Flytrap, it’s likely to be a letdown as a gift on most occasions. The office party is no exception. And, look, we understand that office gifts can be particularly challenging, as you might not know your co-workers well enough to really feel like you nailed it. Don’t worry, though. We’re here to help you with gift ideas. Read on for tips on office gifts that aren’t plants, and are sure to impress.

Socks Or PJs

Clothes are super iffy gifts for co-workers, but these are the two areas you can go for and be successful. Pajamas are a great gift because it’s easy to find a cute pair for a decent amount of money, and they’re also easy to size. Of course, if you’re a man and you buy a co-worker some Victoria’s Secret lingerie, you very well could be crossing an important boundary. We’re just going out on a limb with that one. Just use common sense, though, and you should be good to go.

Socks are another great gift, as many people are always out of them (what with that whole dryer mystery) but they don’t take the time to buy them for themselves. And, these days, socks are a great way to make a huge fashion statement. From funky socks and fuzzy pairs to thigh-highs and slipper socks, the options are seemingly endless. You might opt for some super stylish Stance socks; with so many whimsical designs, your coworker will think of you and smile every time she wears them.


We don’t mean gift cards, per se, as those are a bit boring (although good in a pinch). We’re thinking more along the lines of something that you know they like, so it’s at least a bit more personal. You can get them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or nail salon. That way, they know you actually had them in mind when buying the gift. Another great place to look for things like this is This also offers a lot of activity certificates, too, so if your coworker likes to kayak at the local lagoon or bowl at the local alley, these sites can get you these things at a lower price.

Glam Gifts

Do you work with a glam goddess? Every office has at least one. Check out this list of our ultra-glam ideas. With everything from a Mercury Moonglow Candle and Gold Leaf Cocktail Glasses to a Magical Thinking Tower Glass Box (to store jewelry!) and Aurora Striped Mugs, the sparkly gifts on this list will make her squeal with delight. Say so long to the ho-hum with any of those options.


Candles are universally loved, don’t you agree? Some people probably prefer scented candles to unscented candles but, overall, it’s hard to argue with the instant mood-lift that lighting a candle provides. And, for whatever reason, candles are something we don’t often buy for ourselves. Treat them to a Jo Malone or a Voluspa candle—two of the most popular scented candles on the market. He or she will light one of these and the whole abode will smell amazing. Have a stressed out coworker? Every office has its share. Go for a lavender candle for its soothing aromatherapy benefits.

Along these same lines, many people are into essential oils these days. You might be skeptical at first but, once you’ve witnessed their healing powers, trust us—you’ll be a believer. These tiny drops can do anything from stave off bruising to keep your gym shoes from smelling like yesterday’s garbage. A nice set of these will go a long way to pleasing your coworker.

Save the plant for your grandma’s new home. Get your coworker anything off this list and watch her swoon.