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Which Pantone Spring Color Best Matches Your Personality?


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The Pantone Spring 2016 color report outlines the hues that dominated the runways this year and designates the “hot” colors for fashionistas to don this spring and beyond. Color has a huge impact on our everyday lives and overall mood, and if you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe and palette, determine your personality color and get to shopping.

Your Color: Snorkel Blue


This lovely hue falls in the blue family and features a hint of navy, dark and energetic in context. Those who identify with snorkel blue are drawn to this hue because of its ability to simultaneously calm the senses while invigorating the mind. This happy color implies a sense of relaxation, and Snorkel Blue personalities tend to love the ocean, sunshine, and summertime.

Must-Have Accessory

With Snorkel Blue personalities being drawn to the beach, proper eyewear is in order to protect those peepers from glaring rays. Betty Sunglasses by JCREW are a Snorkel Blue personality’s must-have accessory for Spring 2016.

Must-Have Makeup Item

If you’re raring to head out on a family beach trip, your must-have make-up item is, you guessed it, sun protection. Try Colorescience’s Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush SPF 50. It’s a must have for any outdoorsy, sunshine lovin’ beach mom. A layer of mineral powder kisses your skin with the perfect sheen layer of glow and provides the utmost in skin protection. As Snorkel Blue moms tend to be water-loving personalities, this product’s water resistant feature will definitely be the perfect match.

Your Color: Green Flash


Complementary to a variety of hues, the adventurous nature of green flash colors has been all over the runway this year. The vibrancy of this hue radiates out, calling attention to the wearer with ease. Lively and celebratory, this color definitely brings out the party.
Those who identify with Green Flash have a taste for adventure. Tenacious and ever-curious, whether building a pillow fort or exploring the great outdoors, this color is definitely for the active mom, these personality types know how to make an adventure out of anything. They thrive on the unexpected and have an insatiable need for spontaneity.

Must-Have Accessory

Green Flash is a standout on its own, and if you don this lovely hue, make sure people can see what you’re wearing. As Green Flash-ers tend to be adventurists with an urge to explore, make sure you’re protected from the elements with the picture perfect Totes Bubble clear umbrella no matter what the weather throws your way.

Must-Have Makeup Item

If you’re going bold with green, it’s only a fit to have a smoky eye to set off the look. The Urban Decay Smoky Palette has all the essentials you need to pull off a vampy, smoky eye, and the amazing blending capabilities of these shadows can’t be overstated.

Your Color: Iced Coffee

A neutral for all seasons, Iced Coffee is the calming, warm tone that cozy feelings are made of. A gorgeous hue that works for a variety of skin tones, this earthy tone offers a softness and subtle glamour that serves as the perfect jumping off point for all of your favorite accessories. Warm and romantic, Iced Coffee will see you through every season.

Must-Have Accessory

As this tone takes its wearer from season to season, it’s only fitting that our accessory does too. Every fashion mom needs this perfect infinity scarf. Practical and polished, this scarf find from Etsy is endearing and sure to pump up any outfit, whether you’re dressing for a warm spring day or fighting against the lingering winter chill.

Must-Have Make-up Item

Rocking neutrals means you can have a bit more fun with color elsewhere, so try a bold lip this spring and really capture some attention. Try out NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red.

Your Color: Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is the quintessential blushing beauty of this season’s Pantone picks. Gorgeously feminine, this hue inspires all the warmth of the best kind of romance. Soft and subtle, this calming color has been a favorite for years, so it’s no surprise to see it on this year’s list.

Rose Quartz personalities are composed, elegant beauties. They exude an untaught refinement that enraptures the warmth and love of a mom’s special touch. Serene and innocent, Rose Quartz personality types are reflective and wise.

Must-Have Accessory

Bucket hats are all the rage this spring, so stay on trend while maintaining your demure vibe with the So Perf Vegan Leather Hat from Nasty Gal.

Must-Have Makeup Item

The Chosungah 22 So Tiny Cheek Face Color in Pastel Peach - available from Sephora - is perfect for Rose Quartz personalities. With its sparkly warm glow, this color wonder provides the perfect tint for both lip and cheek, making it a versatile product that you can use every day. It smooths the texture of the skin, making it a wonder product you won’t know how you lived without.

Your Color: Fiesta


While our previously mentioned Pantone colors are on the calming, neutral side, Fiesta takes things in an entirely new direction. This red tinged hue with a hint of yellow is a radiant, vibrant color that always brings the party.

Fiesta color personality types tend to be the life of the party, vivacious, and never opposed to trying new things. Adventure mavens to the extreme, Fiesta moms are known for their brave, bold looks.

Must-Have Accessory

Try out the amazing silver Free People After Midnight bun pick and give your favorite updo a daring new look that will definitely draw the eye.

Must-Have Makeup Item

Planning your makeup look when rocking a red hue is a delicate balance; too much, and you run the risk of looking like a clown, too little, and Fiesta could wash you out. To avoid this conundrum, keep your eyes bare or neutral with a heavy winged tip that will accent but not overpower your color choice. Try Urban Decay’s Naked on the Run Palette.

Breanne is a wanderlust "Snorkel Blue" fashionista who loves to spend her time at the beach or on adventures in her new home of Pacific Beach, California. You can follow her on Twitter at @PropernPink.