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Indian Summer

I've been living in these gorgeous PUNJAMMIES pants created in fair-trade conditions by Indian women once enslaved in the sex trade providing a way for them to support themselves with skills & dignity.

I know it's not Monday but as a mom, sometimes Wednesday is Monday and Monday is Wednesday. I wanted to get this post up earlier in the week but you know, life.


With the exception of a few rainy days, the weather here in New York has been pretty mild this autumn. It's been hovering around 70 degrees these past few days and today is no exception. We've been busy little bees, hence my absence from the blog, so the Indian Summer is much appreciated.


For lounging after a long day, I've been living in these PUNJAMMIES™. They're from a line of loungewear called International Princess Project whose vision is to see women once enslaved in the sex trade have the opportunity to support themselves with skill and dignity, to heal in body and spirit, and to live lives of freedom by working in fair-trade conditions to create the garments. PUNJAMMIES help to ensure that rescue efforts don't just result in a temporary safe haven but in stable permanent liberation.

Shockingly, there are over 27 million men, women, and children who are trapped in the modern-day slave trade (what?!) and 75% of these victims are women and girls. I was oblivious to all this until Roo from Semiproper wrote about her experience in SE Asia.

Founder of International Princess Project, Shannon Keith has determined to give formerly sex-trafficked women in India a hope for a brighter future by empowering them through employment and education. The company's goal is to grow the PUNJAMMIES business by 100% to nurture economic independence for women in India, support rescued women and children to bring healing and hope for the next generation, and advocate and educate by reaching out to the community to bridge awareness and action.

I'm really digging my comfy printed pants and if sales from the line help provide jobs to women in need, I'm happy to spread the word. The full length are $42 and come in a cute little carrying case. They make an awesome gift. How cool is this print?

For more info about the International Princess Project and PUNJAMMIES, visit

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