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Rockin' the Bump

Shell, author of Things I Can't Say, is hosting a fun link-up calledRockin' the Bump. I must've had too many Loaded Lemonades at Rub tonight to be sharing these but what the hell.

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You know you're in trouble when you've gained 20 lbs by 20 weeks (Liz Lange top):

20 Weeks

Commence porn star boobs and widening of the nose at 25 weeks (Isabella Oliver top):

25 Weeks

No longer showing skin for fear of cracking the camera lens at 30 weeks (DVF top, that I still wear):

30 Weeks

No, not triplets, just ready to pop with one Big Bub (Old Navy dress that I burned):


Am I the only one whose nose literally grew 2 sizes? I covet all those cute little bumps but it just wasn't in the cards for me. I was destined to be asked every block if I was having twins or triplets. Motherf*ckers.

It's cool though, I had a relaxing pregnancy and was carb-loading for a Big Bub birth.

{I was not compensated for this post but I feel like I should be.}