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My “Maxx” Motherhood Moment {+Giveaway}

T.J.Maxx Wants to Celebrate How YOU Maxx Motherhood
TJ Maxx flowers

Consideration provided by T.J. Maxx. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Glamamom possible!

The best days are those where we have nothing scheduled and we can just wander around and do whatever catches our eye. With New York City as our playground, there is never a shortage of things to see and do. Scaffolding becomes a jungle gym, billboards get incorporated into games of eye-spy and street corners are filled with flower stalls and little shops that are perfect for getting lost in for an hour or two.

As the kids get older I feel that I am holding on to these unstructured moments just a little tighter, knowing that there is a small window where they’ll want to hang out with just me and give me their full attention. It’s a good reminder for me to slow down and indulge in life’s little moments and the element of surprise that a good adventure can bring.

T.J. Maxx asked how I “Maxx” Motherhood and I think that instilling the beauty of adventure and truly appreciating your surroundings is something that our family does well. We don’t have to be traveling the globe (although we love to do that too!) but we can fill our days with curiosity and questions about what we see before us and make memories that are just as meaningful.

TJMaxx crossing street

Often I’ll take time to wander in different neighborhoods, exploring new restaurants, parks and shops. T.J. Maxx has been one of those go-to places for me to go to decompress and get lost in the racks for a little while. Inevitably I’ll find a treasure for myself or my home and I’m always blown away by the prices. Admittedly, you need to have some patience but it often gets rewarded. On my latest visit I found this adorable cross-body studded bag from Rebecca Minkoff for a fraction of the original price.

TJMaxx Treat House

Summer is just around the corner now and I can’t wait for more days of leisurely walks, unstructured time and little adventures. “Maxx”-ing Motherhood is precisely about that - slowing down and breathing in the beauty that surrounds you.

How do you “Maxx” Motherhood? Leave a comment and tell us how you “Maxx” Motherhood and one lucky winner will win a $50 gift certificate to T.J. Maxx! Tag your entry with #MaxxMoms and feel free to tag a friend to share their secrets as well. Good luck!

NANCY DEANE is a former marketing and lifestyle maven now on her biggest project yet: raising twins in Manhattan. This Canadian via California girl enjoys exploring beauty, fashion, travel and design (for adults and kids alike) and can be followed on Twitter and Instagram as @toastncandy. Read all of Nancy’s posts.