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About one mother dies every two minutes from complications during pregnancy and childbirth.* 

Christy Turlington Burns was almost one of them. After her experience, she founded Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. 


In time for Mother's Day, the TOMS + Every Mother Counts Orange Rose Collection includes TOMS Classic Espadrilles and a tote featuring an orange rose, the universal symbol of maternal health. It is a powerful reminder that safer motherhood is possible.


With every TOMS + Every Mother Counts product you purchase, TOMS will donate $5** to Every Mother Counts in support of programs that address the barriers to maternal health around the world and at home.

The TOMS + Every Mother Counts collection is available in TOMS stores and on

Orange Rose Burlap Every Mother Counts Women’s Espadrilles - $59
Orange Rose Burlap Every Mother Counts Youth Classics - $42
Orange Rose Burlap Every Mother Counts Tiny Classics - $36
Every Mother Counts Compass Tote - $68

 * **minimum $60K donation. Post contains affiliate links.