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Cape May Babymoon

wish you were here
Ebbitt Room, Virginia Hotel
Sea Salt Spa

We usually take hundreds of photos while traveling but were literally out to lunch our entire long weekend in Cape May.

This was the extent our trip: sleeping, eating, and contemplating what Bubba and Mapu were up to. Sort of like our babymoon in Sedona last time around but with an added dash of anxiety. If you're a parent, I'm sure you understand. There's just no way to put them out of your mind completely.

I won't go into review mode since I already wrote about the best of Cape May little over a year ago but I'm so happy I got to return with Leo because it's such a unique little place, not at all what you would expect of the Jersey Shore.

The drive down was a bit rocky. As soon as we hit the Turnpike it started storming and we opted for a romantic, roadside rest stop for dinner to avoid the worst of it. Surprisingly, the weather held up the entire time we were in town but it was extremely hot and humid. I typically love being at the beach but there was no way I could sit in the sun so we mostly drank fruity drinks overlooking the beach, rather than on it.

Cape May has no shortage of great eateries. I almost wish we'd stayed longer so we could've tried more of them (while I have the belly anyway). We were totally that couple taking pics of our food it was always so fresh and pretty to look at.

It's all too easy to forget how important alone time is and I know now isn't exactly the most opportune time for the revelation but I'm grateful we had the time alone together and don't think we'll let it go another three years before we do it again.