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Photo Diary | Grand Cayman

A few snaps from my recent trip to Grand Cayman.
here comes the bride
sail away sail away
kissing stingrays
beach bbq

Last week at the this time I was returning home from Grand Cayman, where I watched two dear friends exchange vows on a beach before sunset, surrounded by friends and family. It was one of those magical and unforgettable trips that I'm still day dreaming about.

I was in a horrible mood when I got to the island after an early morning flight and stormy weather. We'd booked rooms at the Ritz but decided to move to Rum Point the day before the wedding to be closer to the festivities. As if on cue, the clouds parted as I arrived at Kaibo Beach Yacht Club to meet up with my roommates, who'd done a stellar job stocking the fridge. You can't stay mad in the Caribbean. It's just too laid back and beautiful for anything but smiles.

The wedding took place at a stunning waterfront home and the ceremony was an intimate, shoe-less affair with steel drums and a salty breeze. I couldn't take my eyes off the gorgeous bride and groom who looked so relaxed and happy. We danced long after the sun went down and almost everyone ended up in the pool (not me though, I'd washed my hair).

Sunday we went out to sea via catamaran to snorkel and swim with stingrays. I was somewhat terrified of the warnings we received before disembarking to rendezvous with the stingrays but worked up enough courage to pat a few hello before I fled back to the boat.

As if that weren't enough for the day, a beach BBQ awaited us when we arrived back to the island complete with mahi-mahi, plantains, and jerk pork.

I'm so thankful to Leo for hanging with the kids so I could really relax and enjoy myself, and to the bride and groom for including me in such a well-organized and special weekend. Beginning your life together in paradise is the perfect first chapter.

PS: Everything I wore on the trip is from a store called Everything But Water. They have the most gorgeous resort wear: maxi // kimono // hat // bathing suit bottom & top // bracelets

PPS: All photos taken with my iPhone, if it isn't obvious.