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Only 3 hours south of New York City, Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterparks rests seaside along the Wildwoods' boardwalk in Wildwood and North Wildwood, New Jersey. This past Father’s Day Weekend, we immediately felt as though we had stepped back in time as we got off the parkway for a family weekend getaway. While this beachside town first came to life in the late 60’s, it’s maintained its charm and guarded its nostalgic feel, but with all the modern day amenities a family could want or expect.

Where to Stay at Morey’s Piers

Our home base for the weekend was the beachfront Pan American Hotel, themed to make you feel like you are entering a Pan Am terminal back in the glam days of flying. Our kids loved the airplane memorabilia and my husband and I were intrigued by the history of the property, which was displayed in timelines and photographs throughout the hotel. 

pan american hotel wildwood

One of my favorite memories of the Pan American is sitting out by the fire pit relaxing. We also really enjoyed the privacy of the pool. There are plenty of chairs and it has a very laid-back, family-friendly vibe. There is a small wading pool attached to the larger pool, perfect for toddlers and non-swimmers to cool off in.

pan american pool wildwood

The Wildwood Boardwalk is only a few blocks from the Pan American and easily accessible. The pier itself is almost 2 miles long and a bit of a hike for little ones, but a tram runs continuously up and down the entire boardwalk, which we used the entire time.

Activities at Morey’s Piers

Amusement parks, water parks, and carnival games, oh my! Morey’s has four piers off the Boardwalk, three of which house their amusement parks, water parks, and carnival games (Surfside, Mariners, and Adventure). We spent the majority of our weekend on the piers simply because there are so many different options to choose from and the kids were having a blast!

moreys piers amusement park

From crazy roller coasters and thrill rides to the double-decker carousel and bumper cars, there is something for everyone. What we appreciate most about Morey’s Piers amusement parks is that there are plenty of rides that can accommodate both our tall 8-year old and our tiny 3-year old. We never felt like we had to occupy one while the other went on a ride. The options were endless. 

family rides moreys piers

We didn’t get a chance to experience the water parks on this trip due to both the weather and timing but will definitely be back! I mean, LOOK at this! 

Moreys piers water parks

The beach: Saturday morning, we took a walk down to the beach, which was right outside the Pan American. I have never seen a beach that is this wide so it’s quite a hike across the sand to actually get to the water's edge. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t beach-worthy but the kids ran around a bit and dipped their toes in the water. Beach-lovers will definitely want to schedule time for some fun in the sand!

beach wildwood

VIP Tours: While daddy and the kids enjoyed the hotel pool, I joined one of the new VIP Tours Morey’s offers this summer for a behind the scenes view of what it takes to make an operation of this size run safely and smoothly. Led by a member of the Morey Family, I got a peek behind the curtain. It was really impressive to learn about everything that has to happen year-round to make the four summer months they are up and running on the piers work. Every single ride is checked every single day to ensure it's ready to go. Certainly makes that ‘why did I do this’ moment when you're climbing up those roller coaster tracks a little less anxiety-producing knowing the protocol it went through just that morning!

vip tour moreys piers

Where to Eat at Morey’s Piers

Our favorite dining experience of the weekend was at Joe’s Fish Co. We sat on the second floor overlooking the beach and the boardwalk with our food and cocktails. It’s not your typical boardwalk food, either! We recommend the oysters, which are harvested a couple miles away in Cape May. The entrees were fantastic as well.

joes fish co wildwood

We also really enjoyed a great snack/cocktail break at Stubborn Brothers Bar & Grill on Surfside Pier, where we indulged in over-sized Adirondack chairs facing the ocean while the kids played Bocce ball down below.

stubborn brothers wildwood

Where to Park at Morey’s Piers

Whether you're coming from the city of the ‘burbs, parking is surely on your mind. Rest assured parking is relatively inexpensive for beach standards and if you eat at one of Morey’s dining establishments you will receive a voucher to validate your parking and get your money back!

What’s New This Summer at Morey’s Piers

Great Nor’Easter: This summer, Morey’s Piers unleashes the newly refurbished Great Nor’Easter roller coaster. After a five million dollar makeover the beloved ride located on Surfside Pier now boasts 2,170 feet of new and improved track, all wrapped up in a sleek new paint job. The revamped coaster has speeds to appease the biggest coaster buffs, yet gently glides along for a smoother ride.

great noreaster moreys piers

VIP Tours: As mentioned, Morey’s Piers now offers weekly VIP tours giving guests an insider glimpse at what happens behind the fun and games of the boardwalk. Each tour, led by a member of the Morey family, features a variety of locations “beyond the boards.” From a visit with in-house welders, carpenters and painters, to a water park chemistry and filtration lesson, the behind the scenes tour showcases the scope and complexity of operating an amusement park. Each tour will conclude with a Curley’s Fries buffet bar at Joe’s Fish Co. Participants will also receive of copy of Morey’s A Wild Ride book and a Curley Fry bobblehead. Scheduled tours start at 11:00am and last for approximately 75 minutes; the cost is $35 per person.

Thanks to Morey’s Piers for hosting us for this review. We can't wait to return!