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Brunch on the Hudson River with Hornblower Cruises

I think I'm ready to say that this year was finally the year I absolutely nailed Mother's Day.

Let me preface with this -- My mom is extremely hard to impress when it comes to presents and such.

But this year, besides killing it on the gift front, I was even able to take our yearly brunch to a brand new hight: Sea level.

That's right, we booze cruised.


We booked our ride through Hornblower Cruises New York, because you can't trust just anybody with your Mother's Day plans.

And I have to say, they certainly didn't let us down.

Hornblower Hybrid by Scott Barrow

First of all, the food was fantastic. The spread included breakfast staples, like bacon, sausage, bagels, and french toast, to even fancier fares, like fish, pastas, and my favorite, eggs benny.

Of course, the mimosas (as well as a plethora of other drinks, such as my sangria) were as delicious as they were generously bottomless. Serious shout out to our waitress for that one.

IMG_2114 (1)

After going back for a fourth fifth course (do not doubt my words here, we ate a LOT, it was too good not to!), we took to the boats exterior to bask in the lovely weather and enjoy the gorgeous views of the city skyline the boat provided us with.

IMG_2141 (1)

Of course, the natural light was so good we would have been remiss not to snap a few selfies.


Even though we were stuffed, we headed back inside when it was time for dessert, which included chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, and this CHOCOLATE. FOUNTAIN.


The best part of the day didn't even end up being the live band, the incredible sights, our friendly table neighbors, or the literal masseuse they had on board. It was seeing my mom genuinely surprised and thrilled by the special experience.

I truly cannot wait until our next occasion where we can cruise around Manhattan with Hornblower Cruises, because I know it's going to be an unforgettable time.

Check out their next available cruise dates if you want to join us!

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